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Being a curvaceous young women, who is proud of her body, I like to show it off. But not in the sense to get attention, but to feel good about myself. To do that, I need clothes that fit, clothes that accentuate my body in the way that it should be accentuated.

This also includes undergarments.

I shouldn’t be forced to squeeze into a 32H because any higher in the bra sizes and I wouldn’t get the plunge style. I should be allowed my 30J in multiple styles and in multiple styles.

But, the industry for bras considers 30 band size and under to be junior sizes.

I’m a dress size 8/10(US) 10/12(UK) and a pant size of a 6/7(US) [I don’t know the size in UK] Tell me how I’m considered a junior?

My measurements are as follows:
Bust: 43 inches
Underbust: 30.5 inches
Waist: 28.5 inches
41 inches
Thighs: 20.5 inches

Now, I may not be well-educated when it comes to clothing sizes and the industry, but I do know that I am far from being considered a junior. And I don’t find it fair that these ‘Junior’ sizes don’t include a large range of bras.

Yes, I understand that not a large percentage of women have a bust measurement of over a J(US) or HH(UK), But then what about us women who do? What about those of us who are dealing with pain by squeezing into bras that don’t fit?

For the past two years, I’ve thought I was a 36/34. Which meant I wasn’t getting the support from the band like my large breasts needed. I’m not sure who I should put the blame on, but my point is that it needs to be fixed.

Which is why there is now the Bra Band Project 

“Recently at the Curve Expos in both New York and Las Vegas, brands that cater to large-busted women suggested that 30 bands and under were either for juniors, or that there was no market for them.  However, that is simply not the case. There are many women out there who need 30 bands and under, and we are not all juniors.  While we come in all different shapes and sizes, we all have a small back size in common.
To prove that we are not all juniors and that we exist as a market, we have decided to create the Bra Band Project where we are looking for photos of women who wear 30 bands or under. We will make a flickr album and eventually a collage with our photos to show that we are not just juniors, but women of all shapes and sizes that need small bands.
We’d love your help, so please submit your own photo and band size using the form below or email it to brabandproject@gmail.com.  Note we need both your bra size and your photo. We cannot include a submission without both of those. If you are a blogger who would like to help out with this project email us at brabandproject@gmail.com.”

Women, please, help us out. Go to the link I provided above [ Bra Band Project  ] and submit a photo and band size to assist in the adding of bra sizes that women need.