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Man, do I love this bra!

At first, I wasn’t too satisfied with it because it felt like it was chaffing my armpits. But afterwards…man. This bra fits like a dream. I wore it for a couple days, and haven’t taken it off unless I’m sleeping.

I had thought I got good cleavage when squeezing into those 34DDD bras, but that’s nothing compared to this. I get good cleavage, good support, AND I don’t fall out. I never thought that I’d see the day where I can proudly hold my chest out in a bra that feels amazing.

I also purchased the Tempt Me Shorts in a size 12. ❤ ’em

Brand: Curvy Kate

Comfort: 9/10
It’s getting a nine out of ten, simply because I don’t think i’m used to the band being so tight, but it’s nice. I mean, I can’t lay down for a long time in it without feeling too sore, but it definitely supports me the way I need to. I even experimented with tucking the straps away in the cup, and it barely even makes a difference. Which is good, because 90% of the support is supposed to come from the band. And that’s what this bra gives me.

Style: 10/10
I would give this a 100 out of 10 if it were possible. Being a young woman, I’m a fan of cleavage. I love the feeling I get when my breasts create a wonderful line and it makes me feel comfortable. I was told that large breasted women wouldn’t get support from plunge bras, but that was a lie. I get support(see below) while having that nice attractive look that women need for the confidence of everyday lives. I have worn this bra for every event you could think of, and am very satisfied. Although, I do have a slight annoyance with the fact, even though my breasts fill the cups completely, they bunch slightly at the bottom, and I’m not sure why.

Support: 9.5/10
Once I found my true size, I discovered that I do have one breast larger than the other, and it’s only noticeable when I start to move around. My left one is the one that always gives me trouble and starts to pop out at the oddest moments. Which is why I deducted a .5 from the 10. But other than that, I get really good support. The cups are a 3/4 cup in my opinion. My nipples are completely covered, thankfully, and I don’t feel like they sag any. They are where they need to be. My posture has improved majorly because of this, and I can’t complain of having sore breasts when taking off the bra. Which is a definite plus.

Overall: 9.5/10
I really am happy with this bra I ordered from Brastop.com and is my first Curvy Kate bra, and definitely not my last. Yesterday, I purchased two more Curvy Kate, the Thrill Me and the Criss Cross. They should be here in approximately two weeks, and rest assured, I will have reviews for both of those.

Measurements of Tempt Me: Here