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This is the task that every women should do before starting the sometimes grueling adventure to buy a bra. Whether or not you are going to be fitted when at the store, it should still be knowledge to you of the rough estimate. It will also help in those cases when you think that they measured you wrong. It can save time and money.

Also, don’t be scared if you happen to find out you are a 32E instead of a 38B. it doesn’t mean you are large, it just means you were measured wrong and you will probably find that 32E to be more comfortable and fitting. Remember, there are the vast majority of women who are in the wrong sizes.

You gotta have a measuring tape, or some other sure way of getting a rough estimation of your bust. No bra or shirt can be on for this, as it can mess up the numbers.

Tightly run the measuring tape below your breasts, keeping it even across. If you are comfortable, it’s better having someone else do this part for you, or even a mirror would do. This number here is your Band Size.

This is why not having a bra on comes in handy. If you were to have a bra on, the measurement you would most likely get would be for that cup size. And what would be the point in measuring for your cup size, then? None! So you must not have one on. You most likely will have to bend over at about a 90 degree angle to get it accurate, but that’s only the case if, like me, you are slightly droopy. This number you get while bending over is your Cup Size.

Do some simply math! Subtract the Band from the Cup (Cup Size – Band Size) and that is the number that will help you figure out of your cup size. Each inch, equals one.

(note: 2.5cm=1inch)

Cup Sizes!
1 inch = A(US)/A(UK)
2 inch = B(US/B(UK)
3 inch = C(US)/C(UK)
4 inch = D(US)/D(UK)
This is where they start to differ a bit!
5 inch = DD/E(US)/DD(UK)
6 inch = DDD/F(US)/E(UK)
7 inch = G(US)/F(UK)
8 inch = H(US)/FF(UK)
9 inch = I(US)/G(UK)
10 inch = J(US)/GG(UK)
11 inch = K(US)/H(UK)
12 inch = L(US)/HH(UK)
13 inch = M(US)/J(UK)
14 inch = N(US)/JJ(UK)
15 inch = O(US)/K(UK)
16 inch = P/KK(UK)
17 inch = /L(UK)
18 inch = /LL(UK)

Now, you’ll probably notice that the Cup Sizes stop on the US side at O, and I’m even pushing it. You’d be hard pressed to find any of those cup sizes, let alone anything larger. Which is why I added the UK sizing as well. They go up larger, and have a wider variety of Band and Cup Sizes.

I’ll give you my measurements as an example. I am 29.5 inches for my Band Size and 43 inches for my Cup Size.  This would put me at, roughly 30M/28N(US)/30J/28JJ(UK)

The band size is usually close to your waist measurement, most likely between two or three inches. But, of course, not everyone is the same. 

Comment with any questions or your measurements, and I’ll be glad to help out!